Alfa Romeo 4C GTA Concept Teaser

We’ve reported that Alfa Romeo will show a new concept car in Geneva. Initially not a lot of details were released. Over the past few days new figures and specs of the upcoming 4C GTA leaked onto the web.

It is said that the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA will be based on the KTM X-Bow, with power coming from either a 1.7 TBi engine producing 265hp or a four-cylinder engine developing 250hp.

The Alfa’s total weight is expected to be just over 800kg, which means it will have a power-to weight ratio of around 3.2 kg/hp. This in turn means the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA will offer a healthy does of performance and will be quite fun to drive. The power will be pushed to the rear wheels through a manual transmission.

The Alfa Romeo 4C GTA price is expected to be around € 42,000.

Please stay tuned for more news from Geneva!

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