Who is the New Stig? He talks...

Top Gear Season 16 Episode 2 hosted Boris Becker driving the reasonably priced car. As part of the experience Boris got some help from the brand new Stig.

In the video below you will see Boris Becker at the Top Gear talking to the Stig. You can clearly hear is voice. It is a man, not Sabine Schmitz and he sounds pretty English.

Anyone here who recognizes his voice?

Update: It seems that the video has gone offline. If anybody has found a mirror or a video showing the same thing on YouTube, feel free to share it in the comment box below.

[Via Jalopnik]

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  1. The new stig has to have a good rally background the way he/she caught up 15 seconds then won means they have to of had a string rally background not just being a circut, f1 driver

  2. the guy in the video is Chris Goodwin, ex-bttc driver, current GT driver, Bruno Senna’s manager and Mclaren’s current chief tester. he used to commentate on F1 for star sports. i’d recognise his voice anywhere.

  3. Look at the guy, short and slim, almost tiny. Can you think of a race driver that already has a known link with a Top Gear franchise, speaks English and is small in stature and has already been an Aussie Stig?

    I can tell you, with that picture of him standing next to Boris, that Stig is Steve Pizzati – he is a little guy who is easily on the same skill level of Ben Collins – a professional test driver, racing driver and instructor – AND HAS ALREADY BEEN THE STIG ON AUSSIE TV !!!

  4. Check out this, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Steve Pizzati, who is even smaller than Hammond. This guy is the real deal as Australian race car enthusiasts will attest.


    Compare the shoulder line of the above photo and the head proportion. I just reckon the new Stig IS Steve Pizzati. After Collins quit and Clarkson in the interview was wondering what they were going to do, it surely must occurred to him that if Steve, somebody he had already had worked with on Top Gear (and believe there is ZERO doubt the Steve was the Stig on the Aussie version of Top Gear). It is a natural that it is him.


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