Official Chevrolet Camaro SS by Speed Box

In Herten, Germany, you can find the Speed Box car workshop were the following Chevrolet Camaro SS received its tuning.

The 6.2 liter V8 engine produces 432hp standard at a maximum torque of 569Nm. After installing a compressor kit the Camaro produces 625hp. Additionally, they outfitted the vehicle with a BORLA stainless steel exhaust half-system and matt black body paintwork.

The wheel/tire combination named Rhino sizes 265/30-R22 and 295/25-R22 tires 10×22 inch and 11×22 inch wheels, without wheel arch crimping. In addition, the Rhino rims have especially weather proof stainless steel faceplates, that can be replaced in case of damage in a cheap and quick way. The Rhino light alloy rims are available in 9×20, 10×22 and 11×22 inch.

The compressor kit changes owner for € 8,999, BORLA stainless steel exhaust half-system costs € 999 and the matt black paint job goes for € 3,500. The wheel set price includes tires is € 3,399. Additionally, Speed Box added H&R coilovers for € 1,272. H&R stabilizers are optional for another € 530, which improves the driving dynamics sensibly.

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