Maybach Future To Be Sealed This Year

The fate of Maybach will be sealed by the end of the year if we are to believe Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche. In an interview given at the 2011 Detroit Motor show, Zetsche admitted that sales of the 62 and 57 models are of little significance to the companies accounts. Zetsche has been quoted as saying;

The success or failure of Maybach hardly shows up on our results, but it is something I want to have a decision on by year-end. And everything is on the table – Killing it off? – Everything is on the table.

Maybach sold just 63 cars in the US last year. The 57 has been around since the 1997 Tokyo Auto Show.


  1. Maybach is propably my favorite luxury car maker,it would be a shame to shut it down but the point is that you cant refresh a car for more than 10 years no matter of what class it is,almost 14 full years since the launch of the 57 is just crazy,if it is not planning any new cars or a new 57,62 generation i believe this will be maybachs last year.

  2. Maybach is my favorite personal luxury car, and also luxury car manufacturer. Why end? I would suggest that you lower the prices of the Maybach models, let’s see how it will turn out. Please don’t end Maybach. In the near future, I’m going to buy Maybach 62 S. PLEASE.

  3. Luxury is Maybach, i think they should come up with new designs new look and image also it would be great if they work on prices to make it reasonable.

  4. Myabach’s introduction to the market was in 2002. In 1997 it was just a showcar. It was always sth like Lexus in luxury class ligue. Perfect but luxury means Rolls Royce. With the look of pumped current S-class, where you couldn’t see anything exciting in fact, it was never a success.


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