Carrera GT & Corvette ZR1 Snowbound

In big parts of Europe we’ve seen a hard winter. For many Americans that’s a yearly habit to deal and some of them are not amazed anymore with some dramatic bad weather. In some cases you better think twice, as you can see in the picture above.

The owners of a Porsche Carrare GT – it looks like a replica – and a Lotus Exige got snowbound alongside the road. With no option left they had to abandon their sports cars and wait for help.


  1. The Carrera GT is odd… Something isn’t right… May be it’s just a replica… Look at the distance between rear lights and you will see

  2. Why not hire someone to melt the snow with powered snow melter? Then tow the cars out. Its not very difficult and relatively inexpensive, considering the goal.

    I agree. The GT looks odd.


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