Aston Martin Rapide Film

Aston Martin have released the first of three parts to a film aimed at promoting the Rapide. The film is designed to allow Aston to reach their online fan base and create a greater buzz for the Rapide more generally.

The films were shot in Lisbon, Portugal, and follow a group of agents as they attempt to complete the delivery of a precious object. You can catch the film below and check this link on 19th and 26th January for the final parts. Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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  1. The script is bad, the actors are bad, the photography is bad. It feels cheap and amateurish, they should have hired a real director.
    And the women (or anybody else) saying “I’m the brain” is as ridiculous as a car claiming “Power, Beauty and Soul”.

  2. Some people! All petrol and no head, heart, soul or sense of humour!
    This is a fun advert for the car. No more corny or cheap than a Bond movie and any of these actors can act better than Roger Moore!
    I enjoyed it for the frivolous bit of fun that it is.
    Bet the previous two commentators haven’t cracked the code and got humpy about it!
    Chill out guys (girls?).
    This car is awesome (except that it is made outside the UK, big mistake).


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