Audi Q7 by Project Kahn

British tuner Project Kahn creates eye-catching package for Range Rovers and Cayennes. Afzal Kahn now announced that the company will expand their offering for SUVs with the creation of a package for the very popular Audi Q7.

New spoilers both in the front as in the back and a pearl-white paint job create a totally different look. In the front you’ll get four foglights and two giant air-intakes right behind the front wheels. In the back you’ll get a reformed bumper and a roof spoiler to create more downforce.

As we are used from Kahn, the Q7 package comes with 22 inch wheels. At the inside every detail is changed. Leather everywhere and a new set of aluminium pedals provide a sportive trend. Last but not least, a glass-roof comes with the package.

Of course, a kit like this has its price; £ 12,000 (€ 13,900 – $ 19,400).

Audi Q7 by Project Kahn

Audi Q7 by Project Kahn


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