Video New Footage Richard Holt's Twin Turbo Crash at Texas Mile

After showcasing the first video of the crash a few days ago, a second footage has been revealed showing Kyle’s Richard Holt’s Twin Turbo crash after a high speed run during the Texas Mile event. The vehicle was built by Underground Racing and outfitted with a twin-turbocharged V10.

Reports indicated that immediately after deploying its parachute, it suddenly veered off to the right and, after hitting the grass and a small obstacle, took to the skies going well over 160km/h. The owner did not suffer any major injury and could walk away from it.

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  1. Thanks for posting it up! He must have felt invincible! Walking away from that is almost as incredible as Mark Webber walking away from his recent crash. Safety sure has come a long way, and it’s definitely worth the investment.


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