Kyle's Underground Racing Gallardo Superleggera

The following crash happened in March of this year during the Texas Mile event. The video of the accident was released yesterday. The Orange sports car in the video is the Underground Racing Gallardo Superleggera owned by Kyle.

After finishing a 235mph-run the Twin-Turbo Italian sports car went airborne and was wrecked. Cross-wind pushed the parachute and caused the Gallardo to veer off the airstrip. It hit a bump in the grass and caused the sports car to flip 10ft in the air and tumble several times. The driver is alive and was taken to the hospital.

Check out the car in better times below:

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  1. Does anyone know why the car went air-born? I heard UG mounted the chute on the bottom of the back of the car causing the car to be yanked into the air when the chute was deployed…

  2. The Lambo that was destroyed at Texas mile was in fact Richard Holt’s. I was there and watched the entire run. There was a strong cross wind and when he deployed the chute, it pulled the car sideways and he went off track into the grass. He then hit a small embankment, which caused the car to become air bourn. When it landed, the nose dug in and went end over end several times. I can’t say how high in the air he went but it was way up there. I was watching from the start line a mile away and I could plainly see the car up in the air. He went through the traps at 235 Mph. I immediately said a prayer, because that was the ugliest crash I have ever witnessed. Amazingly, 30 minutes later I saw him hop off a golf cart, seemingly unharmed.

    The details of what exactly happened when the chute was deployed was told to me by a friend who was at the 1 mile mark so I believe it is pretty accurate.

  3. It was Richard and his orange Superleggera that crashed, NOT KYLE. Richard’s SL is the same car that went 250.1 at the last Texas Mile.

  4. It’s amazing how people post stuff when they do not have there facts straight. People please make sure you know what you are saying for sure before you post it for everyone to read.


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