British car magazine Autocar reports that Audi is working on an engineering plan that will allow it to turn its Quattro Concept into a production vehicle. The unique sports car will be assembled in limited numbers on a dedicated line at the company’s newly acquired sister firm, ItalDesign, near Milan. Stefan Reil, head of development at Audi’s Quattro Gmbh division, confirmed plans for a limited production.

We are rethinking standard processes to make it possible. We know how to engineer it already. But we need feedback to see if it is possible. Audi has no heritage in building 200-500 cars that are really exotic. But it won’t be over €100,000 [£86,000].

The vehicle will use the modified steel floorpan and four-wheel drive underpinnings from the RS5, but also the longitudinally mounted, turbocharged 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine.

It is uncertain when we will see the Quattro hitting the streets. When there is more to tell, we will of course inform you about it!

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  1. quite pointless making this exotic. as its not really that exotic material kinda car.

    should just put it into production as a model of its own in large numbers.

  2. it has simple design not like other exotic cars but i think it is beautifull. it should be a production car not a limited edition. I would definitely buy one. but it is too expensive.

  3. Its a really nice car and it should go into full production, not limited, its a nice Audi and they should not waste this cars capabilities into an exotic edition(price 100.000),it would be a real competition to other more expensive sports cars.
    @Motosrsick99:i wish that something like that would happen but its a distinct possibility because this is the last year of the 2L turbos and next year they will be downgraded to 1600cc’s + Audi didn’t show interest returning to rally since the last year of the Quattro.

  4. Ahh and again Alex with some bla-bla.
    The 2.0TFSI engines will be replaced by 1.6 engines?
    Alex, you have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Audi just presented the EA888 with the fl Audi TT and it will be replaced by the 1.6 next year?
    Why do you spread your shit over the net? Open a twitter account and try your luck there.

  5. Alex, please annoy other ppl with ur “knowlegde”.
    Try jalopnik, there you will find some “professionals” like you are.
    Get your Chevy ready and visit your hillbilly family.

  6. Audi won’t replace the 2.0 TFSI but in the WRC they will all use a turbocharged 1.6 engine next season. In WTCC they will also use 1.6 engines in the future.

  7. WRC and WTCC rules for next year say that only 1.6l turbocharged engines are allowed.
    The FIA tried to create something like a “World Engine” that can be used in different racing series.
    I don’t think Audi will do any racing besides LeMans, 24h Nürburgring and DTM.

  8. 1. The Audi Plans Production Quattro Concept Supercar #1 today too! This car should be Supercar on market too! top Speed is 223 Miles Per Hour too! Top sppd too! It will Cost around $$$,1,777,000 Per supercar on Market Value too! True!! Thank you


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