Mastretta MXT Heading to Europe in 2011

Revealed during the Paris Motor Show last week the Mexican Mastretta MXT two-seater is heading to Europe. The sports car will go on sale in the UK early 2011 at a price between £ 31,000 and £ 38,000.

The MXT is built by the automotive division of Mexican design and engineering firm Tecnoidea, which is based near Mexico City. The company unveiled the first prototype at the 2008 British motor show and production was intended to start in 2009, but was put back due to the recession.

Check out our coverage and live pictures of the vehicle during the Paris Motor Show!

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  1. it is ugly car. you can buy a much better car for that money, a car that is reliable, and not a car for that you do not know whether you survive the first curve…

  2. They must be crazy if they think this could be successful in UK. Seriously, they put this ‘thing’ up against Lotus Elise/Exige, Ariel Atom and many, many others british sports cars in this price range. If we want cheap, crapy build sports car there are a bunch of them in Europ for a lot less money.

  3. I think da car is dope and all da people who are talkin bad about it are. Just being HATERS!
    And if u don’t lyk da car design ur own at least the mexicans got der 1st one out der let’s see urs


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