Teaser 1 2011 Lamborghini Murciélago

The Paris Motor Show is only two weeks away from opening its doors and the latest rumour suggests that Lamborghini is bringing two brand new models to the event; the new 2011 Murciélago aka Jota and a brand new concept showing the future of Lamborghini sport cars.

The news follows after two teaser shots shown by the Italian sport cars manufacturer over the past two weeks. The two cars, code-named LB715-5 and 83X, will get an early preview for dealers next week, according to 0-60mag. The online magazine obtained the official agenda for the event held at Sant’Agata next Thursday.

The LB715-5 is a new V12-powered model designated to replace the Murcielago. We all know this vehicle as codename Jota. The sports car will be powerd by a direct-injection V12 and has a carbon fiber tub reportedly made by Carbo Tech of Austria. The “715” could refer to the expected horsepower output of the car; even an 825 horsepower version is rumoured. The ‘5’ may be an additional hybrid drive train on top of the four-wheel drive. The LB715-5 will be priced somewhere around the half-million dollar mark, making it a good deal pricier than the current Murcielago, which starts at $ 354,000.

Secondly, there is the 83X mentioned in the agenda. Nobody has a clue what this car will be, perhaps it is the concept that Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann talked about in his story which accompanied the second teaser.

It is uncertain what we will see at the Paris Motor Show, nothing is confirmed at this stage. Although, the future seems to be bright for the Italian car maker.

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