2011 Bentley Continental GT

For those of you who had hopes that a big diesel would appear under the bonnet of a production Bentley, can move to another brand. According to officials at Bentley it will be unlikely that they will use the powersource for their current line-up of vehicles. Bentley powertrain boss Brian Gush stated:

The forthcoming Euro 6 clean-air regs are likely to pile some big costs on to diesels. And there’s a strong prejudice against them in the US and Japan, which are key markets for us. The attitude of Chinese buyers is going to have a big effect on cars like ours in future, too, and they are none too keen. Those of us who know diesels can see the benefits, but in large parts of the world the cars just wouldn’t sell.

[Via Autocar]

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  1. If you cant do a diesel then do a biodiesel. thats almost common sense man. If the EPA wont let you put a diesel cuz it’s dirty put a BIOdiesel in it cuz that’s not.


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