GT3 RS Petrol Station Crash

We just caught a glimpse of this accident involving a 997.2 GT3 RS and an English petrol station. A Quattroworld forum member spotted the crash at an undisclosed English filling station. It seems that the owner of the car crashed into the pump narrowly avoiding what could have been a fiery end!

We do not know anything about the accident but it looks as though the owner got lucky!

GT3 RS Petrol Station Crash 2

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  1. Most modern filling stations have a blowout valve that protects any fuel from spraying out when the pump gets hit. As we know BP’s blowout valves not always work but normally it should prevent the pump from blowing up in case of an accident.

  2. woh! If I was the driver I would have legged it away at top speed.

    My guess is that he swerved to avoid someone who was pulling out of the petrol station.

  3. What an idiot! How do you go about crashing into a pump unless you entered the gas station at unnecessary speeds? The damage to the car shows that it was most probably an idiotic mistake.

  4. Look on in the porsche forum, the whole story is in there.

    He basically aquaplaned lost the rear of the car, spun into the central reservation, which he bounced off and then into the fuel station from what I understand.


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