Video Ferrari 458 Italia Catches Fire in China

A brand new 458 Italia fire has been reported on YouTube. This time it is China where a red Ferrari 458 burned down to the ground. The trouble started in the engine compartment.

According to recent reports, Ferrari will start looking into these fires. Ferrari officials have stated that at least six of the events were caused by driver error, and not by some technical malfunction.

It is important to differentiate between what is a vehicle fire and outside factors, but also include driver errors. Six have been incidents where it potentially could be the driver or other factors. We are not in a position to comment on the vehicle fires and all we can say is we are taking it obviously very seriously.

[Via Zercustoms]

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  1. I was thinking buying a new zippo to my chain smoking daddy for Xmas. I now found a more original gift ! The most expensive match ever ?

  2. What driver error would cause your new car to catch fire, other than the obvious things like spilling gas on it and throwing a match on it? Taking out of the equation a mishap at like a gas station or something which we would have heard, had it been the case.

  3. I’m guessing the driver error is turning the engine on.

    Italians always have been about form over function. Someone should tell them it’s not (only) a piece of art, it’s sold as a car, so will be used as a car.

    This car clearly isn’t fit for purpose. I’m disappointed. Still, McLaren’s competitor should make up for it :).

  4. Driver´s error ???!!! and by coincidence the fires start all in the same place, left side of the engine compartment… or maybe just for fun people are talking between themselves and combining the fires….. its a major structural error and they can´t accept that towards the public because of bad marketing…. if i had one, i would go to ferrari and ask my money back…. We drive a car that have espontaneous combustion and its our error??? maybe the error is starting the engine…..

  5. Guys, not all F458 problems where fires.

    A total of five fires have happened so far. One in the States, one in Paris, one in the Alps, one in China and one at Heathrow airport where the authorities were to blame…

    A total of six crashes happened around the world.

  6. are you people blind to the fact that like what 50 gallardo’s have burnt down so far?

    this car is a masterpiece that will take a dump on mc laren’s amped up lotus.
    i’d buy this car without hesitation. and if it burns down? well good. cause then i’d have a replacement given to me which would be new again :).

    you guys are starting to sound like the green party

  7. @nathan: yes, but how many gallardo’s have gone up in smoke? in those 6 years. dont think its quite the same amount of italias in 3 months.

    burning up is not exactly something new. its a problem yes. but not a new problem. so i dont see whats with everyone suddenly noticing it on this brilliant machine.

    hell wasnt there a mclaren F1 that went up in smoke with a few hundred k’s on the clock?

  8. Drivers error? Wait a minute, sports cars are meant to be drived fast not like a 80 year old guy driving on sundays.And breen shut up,ok one european car turned shit but that doesnt mean that i have to buy a mustang over a 599gto or a corvette instad of a zonda cinque!Do you have brains?!

  9. you c***, all I was saying was why are no one shouting for recalls and checks and balances on the company like the witch hunt that was Toyota earlier this year.

    Never said Europeans cars where worst.


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