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Ferrari 458 Italia Recall Worldwide

After a recent spate of Ferrari 458 Italia fires, Ferrari has officially issued a recall of the 458 Italia. In total 1250 458 Italia's...

Rumour: Ferrari to Recall Ferrari 458 Italia

Is the recall of the Ferrari 458 Italia imminent? If we follow two FerrariChat commenters then an official recall of the prancing horse is...

Video: Ferrari 458 Italia Catches Fire in China

A brand new 458 Italia fire has been reported on YouTube. This time it is China where a red Ferrari 458 burned down to...

First American Ferrari 458 Italia Burns Down

Another day and another Ferrari 458 Italia has burned down to the ground. Should we stop reporting? It is so depressing to see this...

Car Crash: Ferrari F430 Spider On Fire (Video)

We're not sure how this F430 managed to make it into this field or how it caught fire, but it happened somehow! This video...