First American Ferrari 458 Italia Burns Down

Another day and another Ferrari 458 Italia has burned down to the ground. Should we stop reporting? It is so depressing to see this happening over and over again. This time it is the first one to catch on fire in the States. The wreck took place in Costa Mesa, California yesterday afternoon.

According to WreckedExotics, in the past 90 days, there have been nine wrecks. When does it stop?

First American Ferrari 458 Italia Burns Down 01

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  1. i think there is a pandemic going around. for italias. geez… i dont think any super car in history has been killed off so fast after being released

  2. if anyone was gonna recall. lamborghini would have done so years ago.

    and yet when toyota has a sticky floor pedal. they turn it to shit

  3. If i have one and it burn like all of them i would ask ferrari to give my money back…… or cancel my order of one… its a major and severe structural problem……..

  4. Fire BAD!!!

    Has anyone been able to assess as to what’s caused the problem that’s lead to intensive heat?

    What’s the common factor in all these burn ups? (besides fire) Exhaust? Intake system? Spontaneous Combustion?

    My heart goes out to the owners of said Poofkaboom Ferraris.

  5. @nitropro: Ferrari will be replacing these cars.

    1: its a fault of the manufacturer
    2: #1 is enough, but also it would be covered under warranty.

  6. This car is complete fail, from A to Z. First, the design is the biggest fail in Ferrari’s history, and now all those burning accidents…
    What a shame :(

  7. @alex g. since when is this design such a giant fail?
    maybe your auto knowledge is a shame, cause a 4.5L v8 putting out
    570 horse isn’t fail. probably will be the only supercar in the class to get anywhere near to keeping up with McLaren’s new car


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