Spotted Brabus Stealth SL65 AMG Black Series

You remember the one-off SL65 Black Series from Dubai made by German tuner Brabus? One of our readers spotted the car last Sunday in Paris.

The Brabus ‘Stealth’ SL65 Black Series is the full name of the 800hp-strong street racer. The vehicle is powered by a biturbo V12 engine. The upgrade also includes a new gearbox, bigger brakes and bigger turbos that increase the total output.

The inside has also been modified to the owner’s specifications with some ‘Stealth’ badges and door sills.

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  1. because the black thing is in carbon fiber so why would u want to hide the carbonfiber? btw piere u were the guy taking it in the morning? didnt u also take a video whe they turned on the car? ;)

  2. Yes, i’ve talk few minutes with the owner, he was waiting his wife and there were a minibus Mercedes and a S-Class waiting for the rest of the family and they moved…

    of course, a video was done…. :p

  3. Shawn its not black, its in plain carbonfiber. the owner does not like that too, brabus had to put that in, the owner loves the blackseries as it looks in stock, so thats why he tried minimize much of modifications on the look of the car. the owner also has the brabus rocket, brabus cl65, brabus s65, and brabus gv12.

    pierre yeah i know;), i was there when u took the pics and video :)

  4. Owned !! lol !

    Definitively, i can’t see a car like that without stop !

    Even if i see every day nice cars in Paris, it’s during summer that you have crazy cars like this one, and nice owner ready to show you their car, not like a parisian driver who don’t care about you….


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