Lamborghini Navarra Concept

Adam Denning – an American designer with Lockheed Martin – has released a few images detailing the design direction which he believes Lamborghini could pursue in the future. Of course, the drawings are purely speculative but have obvious footing in the aeronautic industry, from which Lamborghini drew inspiration for the Reventon and much of their current design language.

The design itself retains many of the sharp edges we have become accustomed to with more modern Lamborghini’s adding in a more natural design philosophy. So what do you think? Have we become tired of the current design direction Lamborghini’s have taken or are we ready to see a more casual development of the current philosophy?

[Via Autoblog]


  1. …and that’s why american automotive industry is where it is. They can’t sell their models anywhere else except at home, because no one likes them.
    Don’t like that study at all. IMHO it’s nothing special, just messed-up current design and 458 Italia “wannabe”.

  2. One thing is doubt-ably arguable- the cumulative aero on a vehicle designed by lockheed would be devastating to the world of super-cars – their cfd dwarfs F1 programming- not to mention the fact that their slowest airframes “dottle around” at the speed of sound.


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