It seems Top Gear is back in trouble again, this time for destroying the environmentally friendly image of motorsport. The House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee recently published a report on the motor industry in which it blamed the ‘Top Gear effect’ for causing people to ignore the work being done to reduce carbon emissions.

However, Top Gear was not just to blame for these failings. The report proportioned a large amount of blame on the UK Government for being ‘complacent’ about what is described as being one of the ”crown jewels of UK manufacturing”.

Committee chairman Peter Luff was quoted as saying,

Motorsport is an industry of national importance, and the Government needs to recognize this. We find it difficult to imagine any other country sidelining such an important industry. The Government needs to address this problem if the UK is to maintain this pre-eminent international industry and help it flourish.

[Via Telegraph]

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