Mercedes-Benz to Downsize AMG V8 Engines 480x280

The German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has decide to replace the naturally aspirated 6.3 liter AMG V8 with a twin-turbo 5.5 liter V8 engine by 2011. In an interview with Inside Line Dr. Thomas Weber, member of the board at Daimler AG Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, discussed the current engine line-up and the plans to downsize the 6.3 liter.

Like BMW and Audi, Mercedes is downsizing and implementing turbochargers. According to Dr. Weber, all V8 engines in 2011 Mercedes-Benz models will be turbocharged. Inside line didn’t discuss any figures regarding performance or specifications.

The first signs of any changes inside the engine line-up will be unveiled at the 2010 Paris Auto Show next September.


  1. This is REALLY REALLY REALLY RETARDED !!!!! Absolutely intolerable ! There is strictly not the leastest way they’ll sell me a turbocharged debilitated thing, with an aspirator noise and a ridicule reliability. I would not even take it if I was given this imbecility as I can afford not to need reselling it, and would be ashamed to buy such a thing. May they add turbochargers for those who want and are ignorant of the naturally aspired nobility, but they MUST keep the naturally aspired V8 as well. This ecoterrorism is seriously getting on my nerves : how much V8 in comparison to all the smaller engines ? Seeing how few these vehicles are, and thus how few they globally pollute in comparison to all the commuters junk, is there any point in denaturing this fantastic engine, and goind back to the catastrophic 55K engine there is still on the AMG SLK and G (numerous failures, horrible sound and still an ecoterrorist nightmare) ? No, not the leastest, appart from losing up-to-now-faitful clients.


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