CCG Custom GT ecoVision

Germany is a true automotive country and then inevitably they can’t ignore the green hype. The incorporation the enviromental friendly aspect within a supercar resulted into this Custom GT EcoVision. The car is produced by a company called CCG and runs on a combination of LPG and E85 bio-ethanol.

Thanks to that energy combination and a 450bhp strong engine in the Custom GT’s back, the 1,050kg (2,300lbs) car is able to do a sprint from standstill to 62mph (100km/h) in just 3,2 seconds. Topspeed will be around 193mph (310km/h).

Price for this green supercar would be just € 125,000
($ 185,000 – £ 113,000). Promising figures if you ask us, so please stay tuned for more in the future!

CCG Custom GT EcoVision

CCG Custom GT EcoVision

CCG Custom GT EcoVision



  1. I’m not entirely sure what to say… I certainly hate the green and a lot of the “tuner” nic-nacs, however, I almost like the overall shape. I’m not entirely sure.


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