C-West Nissan GT-R

C-West is yet another tuner who takes the Nissan GT-R into their shop. Goal of the Japanese tuner is to make the GT-R faster. Lots of tuners give the GT-R a full new bodykit, which makes it heavier and thus slower. C-West presents a super-functional and light kit, existing only of a wing on the back.

Of course it’s made from carbon fiber to keep it light and strong. But that’s not it, because the wing can be adjusted at different steps the options are much larger than with the standard GT-R wing. For example choices can be made between ‘more downforce’ which makes the car being lower to the ground and having more grip or just ‘less downforce’ to raise your top speed. We believe that this is a valuable add to your GT-R and with a price of just € 5,000 ($ 7,380 – £ 4,530) it’s not expensive either.

[Via Autogespot]



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