Lumma CLR 730 RS

Lumma Design from Winterlingen introduces, in cooperation with G-Power, their latest kit for the BMW M5 E60, called CLR 730 RS. The full kit includes a power upgrade via a bi compressor engine up to 730hp and 700Nm, full body kit, new interior and technical tuning.

If we believe Lumma then aerodynamics is of major importance to get a more then 360km/h maximum speed. The body of the BMW M5 is improved with ultra light but extremely compact carbon components. The full body kit consist of a hood, a trunk lid with integrated tearing edge, mirror caps, door handles, entrance strips and fenders – all made of carbon.

On the technical side, there is a sport suspension multiple adjustable on both axles in bound and rebound and lowering the car up to 45mm. Extra light and forged wheels were added to the package. On the front axle are Lumma Racing rims in 10×21



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