The VW Golf VI GTI, with it’s 210bhp, is not what we would describe as being a peaceful city car. German tuner MTM, based in Wettstetten, now presents a kit for your GTI which boosts the 2.0 TFSI engine to 310bhp together with 410Nm of torque. That’s not all, the MTM tuning kit will set you back just under €30,000 and for that you’ll get the specs of the upcoming Golf R that starts at €36,800.

Those facts were interesting enough for our member Giszmo to get over to MTM and have a short road test.

Giszmo reported:

I went on the road with Ms. Karla Kanz who is responsible for Communication / Press & PR at MTM and only after a few miles I could easily notice the difference between the stock Golf GTI and the MTM version. That feeling was confirmed when I was on the highway driving speeds up to 180kmh (113mph) and then floored the gas-pedal again. The MTM GTI had clearly not any difficulty to get about above 222kmh (140mph). The top speed is electronicaly limited to a nice 265kmh (165mph). It was quite an honour to be the first to drive the MTM GTI which was only finished last week!

We hope to bring you new extensive MTM road-tests in the future, in the same way as we did with the more than fantastic MTM R8 R and RS6 R!

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  1. It drives really smooth!
    And MTM won’t build anything that isn’t working properly.
    The biggest difference to the standard GTI is that you have enough power from 180km/h and above.

  2. Not only the performance is better, the exterior looks so much better. I know that there is no new frontspoiler etc. but the fact that it’s lowered and as another set of rims make it look great!!!

  3. You’ve ever done a testdrive with the Scirocco and the GTI?

    The Scirocco is not worth its money. The way of construction is so cheap. The interior looks like stolen from a Hyundai. Wouldn’t want to pay over 25,000€ for that car.

  4. Did GTI and did Scirocco separately… I would never get a Golf… sorry… everybody drives a Golf around here… I like the looks and seats of the Scirocco.


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