Ferrari 458 Italia has obtained a sheet indicating the full European sales prices of the new F458 Italia. Prices start at €162,900 excluding tax and £149,246 with an extra value-added tax of £26,118. These prices are higher than the F430, but of course excluding any special wishes, accessories or options. Those would increase the indicated price tags.

We have pulled some interesting prices – excluding taxes – out of the list. The list includes electric seats for €2,200 (£2,016), coloured seatbelts €550 (£504), racing harnesses for €2,030 (£1,860), brake calipers in a different colour for €850 (£779), a set of 20-inch forged wheels €3,500 (£3,207), AFS lighting system for €1,200 (£1,099) and – hear this – parking sensors in the rear bumper for €800 (£733).

A different metallic paint job sets you back €2,350 (£2,153). Want the car painted in a signature 1950s or 1960s color? Please pay €7,050 (£6,459). If you need different rev counters, the red and yellow ones are for free!

Ferrari 458 Italia pricelist

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