Kicherer C63 AMG Supersport

Mercedes-Benz is probably the most popular car for tuners. Among them are Carlsson, Lorinser and Brabus who are creating packages for almost every Benz. Kicherer is another one, who presented their version of the SL 63 AMG and E 500 earlier this year. Latest addition to their line-up is the C63 AMG. The 6.2 liter V8 got boosted up to 550bhp together with 660Nm of torque.

Exact figures were not released yet, but we know that the guys from Kicherer removed the speed limiter, a good idea when you increase the output with 93bhp. What we do know is that the C63 runs on 20-inch light metal wheels and that some parts of the original setup, inside as well as outside, were replaced by carbon fibre parts.


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