Ferrari Scuderia Drive Meeting

We always love supercar meetings, but what about this one; 16x normal Ferrari Scuderia and 6x 16M Scuderia got together for a drive in Southern California and Malibu. Our friends from were at the event and made a nice video and wonderful pictures of this superb line-up from Modena, Italy.

You want to see more of the event. Check out our forum.

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  1. Thats so poor, these nice cars have 510HP and in the vid they drive so slow.
    In the US supercars don´t make sence. If you have a supercar you have to push it to the limit.


  2. Great views, great sound (no hard-rock for once). Excellent.
    Of course it would have been even better with an Alex Roy/Kim Schmitz/Rob Kenworthy at the wheel, but nobody’s perfect.


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