The McLaren F1, for some, is the holy grail of supercars. It epitomizes every element of what a supercar should be, quirky, quick, loud and handling capabilities that place it in a class of it’s own. The loss of this example (valued at €1.4 million and insured for €2.1 million) will bring a tear to any petrol head’s eyes.

The car had been placed in storage over 6 months for the winter season. The owner was alerted to the fire by a passer by, from here the fire quickly spread through the engine bay to make the car, more or less, a complete write-off. It looks as though nobody was hurt in the accident.

[Via Jalopnik]


  1. “total loss”? Nah. I daresay it will cost McLaren less than €1M to rebuild that engine compartment. The forward 2/3rds of the vehicle appear to still be intact. If you’ll recall, the same claims of “totaled” were given the the Enzo split in half a couple years back, and Ferrari said “Posh, we’ll fix that…”


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