The fact that Porsche haven’t produced a Carrera GT since 2006 hasn’t stopped Königseder producing a new bodykit for the car. The 5.7 litre V10 stays standard for this conversion however as the bodywork is the only thing they’ve touched for now.

The GT takes a more angular look than the standard car with a new front spoiler. It features a deep sill and larger from sills and an extra air intake infront of the wheels. The whole front looks lower and more agressive as a result.

New side sills are also added and look like they encase the standard car’s body. Again, this creates a more aggressive profile and gives the car a lower, hunckered down look. Theres a roof spoiler which reminds us of the Gemballa Mirage.

Moving even further back, it’s difficult not to notice the permenant spoiler that’s been placed behind the mechanical spoiler which looks also to still be in operation. To complete the look theres also a new bumper, extra air vents and a larger diffuser. No word on price yet.

[Via WorldCarFans]

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  1. Right, it looks like a replica. And the color is awful. And this bodykit looks like a replica of what Hamann is doing, especially the front and side skirt that are exactly the same.


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