French company Lazareth specializes in custom designs and developments on two, three and four wheels. In Geneva they revealed their new Lazareth Wazuma V12 Supercharged. This four-wheel bike has a supercharged V12 engine from BMW with an output of 500hp. It can run on both regular petrol and E85 bio-ethanol. With two tyres on the front and two huge tyres on the rear closer to eachother the Lazareth Wazuma V12 has perfect stability and enough grip to accelerate like a rocket.

Lazareth is known for it’s special bikes and cars build in France. Previously they have build a Mini with a V8, Renault Twingo V8 and became known for their Lazareth Wazuma. Compared to the ‘normal’ Lazareth Wazuma this V12 version has another 320hp. The huge power upgrade and improved/wider body has a price tag though: 200.000 euro.



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