Definitely one of the most remarkble cars at the Top Marques Monaco show this year is the Dartz Kombat T98, or in short the Kombat. This Russian build SUV ‘tank’ can withstand bullets from AK-47’s and even rocket propelled grenades easily. With heavy steel plated doors and 7cm thick windows it’s not the fastest car shown in Monaco but it does stand out from the crowd.

The Kombat is powered by a 8,1 liter Vortec V8, good for a top speed of 180 km/h. The price for this indestructible monster truck? 200.000 dollar! Needless to say you need a truck license to drive it, although we still have to find the first cop that dares to pull you over…

Dartz Kombat Promotional Video:

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  1. 2 MR
    Sir! Please dint tell it to Range Rover – as they don’t know they have SUCH CARS for SUCH PRICE. But of course lot of internet guru know better lol

  2. If this vehicle is a 4WD, not sure what you would use it for, or where you could use it.

    Why spend $200,000 on this 4WD when you could get the new V6 Diesel Turbo Nissan Patrol fully decked out for around $85,000 & that will take you anywhere, or get an older model 4.2l Diesel Turbo all decked out for $35,000.


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