We introduced you to a couple of LB Performance / Liberty Walk products before, they have all been pretty extreme, in particular the Lamborghini’s. This Gallardo from the company looks to have been given the same brutal treatment.

The balloon white car was on their stand next to a Murcielago and some rather cool lambo style quad bikes. It looks to have been dramatically lowered to the point where the wheels have disappeared into the body work; this is done using an air suspension kit. An extreme body kit has also been applied, incorporating a couple of large air ducts in the rear behind the wheels and up front below the front fender. There is a new rear wing that is almost larger that the car itself and a new set of what look to be two piece alloys.

The front has been extensively re-designed to a sharper point which is a completely unique design as far as we know and there’s a new exhaust tip which leads back to the standard car’s exhaust by the looks of the pictures. The wheels are apparently from Japanese company Forgiatto. Thanks to Whip Daddy of MadWhips.com we can tell you that they plan to release the parts for the Gallardo in April and the Murcielago parts in March, the Lamborghini ATV Buggy you see in some of the pictures will be available in April for $20,000.

[Via MadWhips]

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  1. they should leave the cars the way they are ..they look like shit that too low off the ground and look at the LP640 it looks like its 10 feet off the gound..well i guess thats for the speed bumps right???


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