These tuned hypercars appear to have come from the same company as the LB Performance Murcielago’s we showed you last month. If we leave the styling modifications aside for a minute, we can see from the engine pictures that theres a few modifications.

To start with the F40, the most obvious change to us seems to be the Roberuta suspension system which presumably lowers the ride height whilst allowing for it to be raised again at the touch of a button. There looks to be a new racing exhaust as the grey exhaust box normally seen in standard F40’s is missing in this car. There appears to be a lot of shiny blue piping in this car also, perhaps some other engine modifications? We don’t really know! There does appear to be some new Brembo brakes hiding within the Enkei Sport alloys. Moving on to the body work, theres a few noticable differences, not least the new rear two-tier spoiler. It contrast’s the colour of the bodywork making it stick out further from the car itself. Theres an extra scoop in the lower door section and a new front spoiler. There’s a new black diffuser added to complete the car’s new look.

Now for the F50, which looks a whole lot ‘whiter’ than the F40. By the looks of the car it seems much is the same as the F40. There’s a new diffuser, finished in the same colour as the bodywork and the suspension appears to have been lowered. New Enkei alloys, hiding a set of Brembo brakes and a modified exhaust system. The perforated black plastic we usually see on the F50 hiding the engine componants from the outside world has been replaced on this car with a more open white unit.

As we said earlier, there’s no information on these cars from the company. We hope you enjoy these pictures. Keep an eye out for some larger (not much!) images in the forum later on in the day!

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  1. Oh my god!!! That hurts… They destroyed not only one but two icons of automotive engineering… The worst part that wing on the F40.


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