‘Art Cars’ have been known to add value to cars before, take the for example BMW M1 by Andy Warhol recently valued by Octane magazine to be worth ?10,000,000 or the John Lennon Rolls Royce Phantom V valued by the same magazine at ?3,000,000. It seems Edo-Competition have taken note and teamed up Christian Audigier to create a limited edition LP 710 (based on the LP640) of which only 5 will be made available.

Both the interior and exterior of the hypercar have been re-designed by Christian, not only this but each car is tailored to the individual owner in the Haute-Couture style. Edo claim that this will create the best of both worlds, the worlds fastest car alongside a unique design. These designs will then be sent to world renowned custom paintwork engineer Marcus Pfeil, of Pfeildesign in Austria where the design will be applied to the car. Each car will be finished off with the US-based designer’s signature personally applied.

Each car will take 3 months to hand fit all the modifications, of which there are many. Essentially, underneath it’s a 710/2, the 2 wheel drive Lamborghini LP640 tuning kit that edo produce. This means it’s got 710bhp and 2 wheel drive, allowing it to reach 62mph in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 224mph. This is achieved through the use of new exhaust headers, new high flow catalytic converters, new mufflers, a new exhaust tip, new performance camshafts, modified cylinder heads and new high flow air filters with an adjusted ECU to make best use of the modifications.

Each new owner will be given the opportunity to drive their new car at it’s top speed, either on the high speed oval in Papenburg, Germany or at Nardo, Italy. Edo Test driver Patrick Simon will be available, on request, at these events to lend the proud owner advice on how to get the best from the car. The price for this level of personalisation? A cool ?495,000 (?469,000).



  1. Audigier’s designs are hideous. The clothes are a fad and will soon fade. Why would you want a tattoo on your car? The Warhol and Lennon cars mentioned above are classics. They were done by classic artists. They are able to stand the test of time. It would be a better idea for Edo Comp to make the 710/2 package available with a solid custom painted color or just the flat black (another fad I believe) and limit those to just five. Knowing that Jeremy Clarkson already hates Lamborghinis for having such outrageous colors, I would what he would say about this one particular. Hopefully this doesn’t catch on and move to Ferrari.

    Greg Kersh

  2. Okay. I didn’t think it looked that bad. Then I saw that the design was on BOTH sides of the car. Then I saw the seats. And then I saw the skulls. Skulls!?!? I thought skulls were reserved for tasteless T-Shirts and biker-wannabe’s.


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