For the new year Maserati are uping their game with the Quattroporte Sport GT-S. It’ being marketed as the most sporty Quattroporte yet and more specifically, against the German S-Class Mercedes and 7-Series BMW.

They’ve re-mapped the ECU to produce 433bhp and fiddled around with the gearbox to allow the driver to access the full potential of this power. As well as this, front and rear suspension has been fettled and a sports exhaust added to release even more V8 rumble.

In terms of cosmetic changes, the new GT-S gains a new grille and new head lights. New perforated leather and Alcantara seats and a new standard trim in titantex. The new car will be shown first at the Detroit motorshow in January, would you choose this over a BMW or Merc… we certainly would!

[Via CarOnline]

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