TechArt got his hands on the new Porsche Cayenne. With a more than stunning result if you ask us!
With more than 500 produced units the Magnum is the most successful model in the 20-year history of TechArt design. At the Frankfurt International Auto Show IAA 2007 the new beast based on the latest Porsche Cayenne celebrates its world debut.

The curved TechArt fender flares add eight centimeters to the width of the Cayenne. The Magnum rocker panels provide a fluent transition between the wider wheel arches.

The new aprons for front and rear that replace their production counterparts were designed to correspond visually to the more pronounced contours of the wheel arches. The TECHART Magnum front apron lends the latest Cayenne generation an even more striking appearance. Its large air inlets feature elegantly styled slats and provide ample cooling air for radiators and front brakes. A total of four auxiliary headlights and daytime running lights improve active safety.
The Magnums rear apron with integrated diffuser reduces lift on the rear axle and provides the perfect backdrop for the TECHART stainless-steel sport exhaust system with two chrome tailpipes on either side.
The body conversion can be rounded out with moldings for front and rear lights, as well as with a new hood that features two air outlets that optimize heat balance in the engine bay.

And what’s probably the most important thing is, is that the Magnum carries 620 bhp and is able to do a 300 kmh.
The air suspension of the Cayenne Turbo is modified with the TechArt sport module that lowers the ride height for enthusiastic on-road driving by 30 millimeters. The entire range of adjustment from the lowest ride height (loading level) to the highest (special off-road level) measures some 110 millimeters.

The TechArt interior line de Sede of Switzerland, created in cooperation with the Swiss furniture manufacturer, represents an especially exclusive option. The high-quality de Sede leather skins are transformed by the company-own TECHART upholstery shop into meticulously finished upholstery for seats, door and side trim, dashboard, roof pillars and headliner. Yet another specialty of the German customization specialists are state-of-the-art multimedia systems.

Let’s hope that the 500 pieces all get sold!


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