Molly Saleen

Molly Saleen showed on the first day of the Great American Run, why she is ‘Born of Racing’. She arrived first at the final checkpoint at New Orleans, only 5 minutes before Team Tangospeed / GTspirit.

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We left the Hard Rock hotel in Miami at 6pm. I was the second car off the line. It was raining in Miami for the start, but once we hit the I-75 the weather cleared up and it was a nice drive the rest of the way. At about 2 am I saw that the Tango Speed team (White Corvette) had been pulled over by the cops for doing around 100 in a 70. Then about an hour later, I was racing with the two GT mustangs when I saw a car in the distance that appeared to be in the median facing toward us. I slowed down but the other two mustangs went all out. Well, it was cop facing us and he came flying across the median to go after the mustangs. When he hit the gravel on the side of the road he started to fish tail really bad, our Molly-Pop team completely stopped on the freeway so he wouldn’t hit us. Then he took off and pulled over one the GT’s then within 30 seconds a cop went flying past me to pull over the other mustang. I just drove by smiling :) I was the first one into New Orleans with Team about 5 min behind me. So for day 1… I was the quickest, may not have been close to the 61mph average speed, but definately the fastest!! We leave Tuesday morning for day 2…

Until then…goodnight!



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