San Antonio

Another day for our Great American Runners. Today’s leg lead the participants from New Orleans to San Antonio. Final checkpoint is going to be the Marriott Hotel on the Riverwalk. San Antonio is the oldest city in the state of Texas and the seventh biggest city in the US. Today the drivers are going to make 870 km (540 miles). The participants started at 10.00 am local time in New Orleans. So the first drivers will reach San Antonio at 18.00 pm local time. People around San Antonio are welcome to see and meet the Great American drivers!!!

On day 3 Team #34 Tangospeed – drivers HeCe and Des are providing us with the hottest news again: Here are the latest updates:

Update 1:
17.20 pm CET – 10.20 am local New Orleans time by Des

We left 1 minute before the checkpoint closed at 10 am. Only the Evo was still at the hotel. Next stop is the Marriott in San Antonio.

Update 2:
18.58 pm CET – 11.58 am local time by Des

Driving on the I-10 West in pooring rain… Still wondering how I could forget my umbrella, when I packed for a trip to Miami and roadtrip along the south of the US to LA in July ….

Update 3:
20.40 pm CET – 01.40 pm local time by Des

We just stopped at Greg’s (Team #333 Half Evil) and Tim’s house in Louisiana with film crew, Iceman Lotus and Machtig M5. Police gave us a nice escort to their home on the I-10. We are on the way to the Texas border now…

Update 4:
21.51 pm CET – 02.51 pm local time by Des

Just hit Texas, saw two State Troopers right after the border. But once again thay were too busy with other roadusers. Our next stop is Houston to play tourist and check out the Space Center. Others are driving straight to San Antonio, but dinner is not until 9 pm, so we got plenty of time for a little detour.

Update 5:
22.33 pm CET – 03.33 pm local time by Des

Almost in Houston now, still driving with the M5, Lotus and Team #333 in the Bad Boy Saleen. We are just 34 miles from the Hoston Space Center.

Update 6:
00.29 am CET – 05.29 pm local time by Des

We visited Houston Space Center and are now travelling through Houston downtown on the way to San Antonio. First cars are in San Antonio now.

Update 7:
00.46 am CET – 05.46 pm local time by Des

Huge traffic jam leading out of downtown Houston, but we took the carpool lane and past standig traffic for like 15 miles. Only thing is you need to have 3 peoplein the car to be allowed on the poollane and we are driving a corvette, so the cops might stop us ;-)

Update 8:
01.03 am CET – 06.01 pm local time by Des

Made it past the 15 mile standing traffic at a comfortable 70 mph, no cops at the end. Now 160 miles away from San Antonio. Team #333, M5 and Lotus are 70 miles ahead.

Update 9:
03.22 am CET – 08.22 pm local time by Des

We were last but we earned our spot in the hall of fame by turning up in orange astronaut suits!

Update 10:
06.24 am CET – 11.24 pm local time by Des

We are now at the Coyote Ugly at San Antonio! Dinner was very cool. Tomorrow we got a killer leg to do, leaving between 7 and 8.30 am!


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