Today Margarita Chepunjoska passed away in Skopje Clinic Center after suffering severe injury in the fatal crash during the Gumball 3000 two days ago.

We like to give our sincere condoleances to the family.


  1. A perfect example of terrible handling after a terrible accident.

    Maximilian Cooper was driving “before” the accident when it happened. He drove by it and didn’t deal with it. He should have stopped at it and made sure as many gumballers as possible stayed there and even went to the hospital to have a 1 day virgil and offer any possible assistance (including financial) as needed. These types of issues can be handled if you are in FRONT of the problem rather than after the fact.

    For years he talked about making Gumball into a valuable ‘brand’, like Virgin. But that can only happen if you PROTECT your brand at all costs. Now Gumball = rich spoiled irresponsibility and can most likely not be salvaged.

    They teach this stuff in College… any intro PR course.

  2. Oh bloody hell.. This is such a shame. Many condoleances to the family. Its a shame this event had to end like this.

  3. It is terrible that idiots with money can drive like this and kill innocent locals. The race should be banned forever. RIP and prayers for the familly

  4. I cant believe how something like this can occur. Some of the drivers of the Gumball3000 must be out of their minds. I support the race but still I can get it.. They are not alone on the road..

    Rest In Peace

  5. My regrets and condolences go out to the family and friends of who have tragically effected by this event.

    I am a fan of Gumball and always followed each event I feel that a great effort should have been emphasised by the organisers to control the speed of drivers. However, I am rethinking my feelings towards glorified speed rallies, which I have always dreamed of taking part in.

    At the start of each even they usually have an introductory speech with the legendary quote ‘a rally, not a race’, by Maximillion Cooper.

    But despite this the – ongoing video footage of crazy high speeds and images of exotic cars smashed up.

    The last European trip which went through Morocco in 2005 made me realise this. As the police were not enforcing any speed regulations Gumballers seem to have abused the respect of freedom they were given by inappropriate driving tactics at high speed. I use Morocco as an example as of the lifestyle there are children playing near the roads and animals. Luckily no member of the public were injured during the event. Another close call was in Thailand last year. When a Lambo hit a tree near a typical road side village. Again we are seeing a close call situation where us fans look at the damage of the car and think how exciting the trip is.

    Its only when an event such as this happens that people start to question and reflect on past decisions and actions.

    My point it this: I think after so many close calls in the past that the organisers should have gone beyond the comments of it’s ‘a rally, not a race’, and enforced safety on the participants as well as the general public.

  6. What did officials expet? They drive belligerently with extreme strong cars among common vehicles. It was question of time when will happens accident!

    Why did you rent a racing circuit ?

  7. Maxmilian,

    I hope you give portion of your profit earned from this mortal race called “Gumball 3000” to relatives of that killed couple as “satisfaction”. Because YOU are in charge of their death!

    Please do not repeat such mistake to organize this fatal fun!


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