Team Turkish Taxi

Almost all the cars are offloaded from the Antanov plane in Athens right now, there’s only two teams driving todays leg: Team Aytac and Team Turkish Taxi. Both teams are from Turkey and didn’t feel like driving to London to fly back to Istanbul to drive to London again. So they rented a car in London, did the first leg in their hire car and picked up their cars in Turkey and finish the rally together with the rest of the pack. But due to the diverted Antanov to Athens they are pretty much alone on the road today. And they have to take it easy as the topspeed of the bus is roughly 90 kmh.

One of our friends at Jalopnik is driving with Team Turkish Taxi in their pimped out 1977 Magirus-Deutz minibus. We will keep you posted about his adventures with the Turkish Taxi on the Turkish and Greece roads.


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