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Team Tangospeed are now back home after a week of road mayhem. HeCe took some time out to dish the dirt on the first Carbon Black rally….

Penny: Now that you’re a fully fledged Carbonite, how was Carbon Black different to other rallies you’ve been a part of? What made it so good?

HeCe: Well, at the start we really didn’t know what to expect than there will be at least 6 of us (7times8 & Tangospeed) who will have fun what ever happens…

Then we get into Leeds Castle, and my phone rings… “Hi! I’m xxxxxx. I’ll be your personal support girl for coming week, everything you need I’ll get it”. WHAT ?!? This is great we thought!

So it all started, whenever we needed something there were already people working on it… like Lars and Joe; Nods fixed up the jet to bring them to Bordeaux to catch up because they were seven hours behind. When we were on our way to be arrested they had already phoned lawyers and made contact details of who to contact when the case develops; and in Spain they called every car and told us there would be a roadblock and everyone would get fined, so avoid it.

All the checkpoints were delayed until everyone had their chance visit there…

…AND finally, the movie presented at the Milan final party which was made during that week – it was all about the drivers, they made US to be stars and they really treated us as stars! We became the Carbon family in few days… everyone knew each other

Penny: What onboard gadgets did you install?

HeCe: We had 3 GPS systems, which really helped us to be among the first cars in every checkpoint – no major “getting lost” happened… a few jammers, videocams, PMR radio and 2 megaphones …… and of course I had my pitlane “moped” ‘cos I don’t like walking (which Lonman’s brother broke in Milan, we will make him pay)

Penny: For you, what were the highlights of Carbon Black and why?

HeCe: Oh… highlights – it was all the new friends and people we made… all of the rally was such a great experience, there really wasn’t a REAL highlight expect all the people in there

Penny: What was the most devious tactic you deployed to evade the police?

HeCe: The best tactic for us was to change routes, avoid toll roads and inform and get informed from other team of what’s ahead… if we knew we got clocked we immediately got off the highway which was a major help at least twice in Spain when we got clocked doing over 200

Penny: Who had the most drunken behaviour and what did they get up to?

HeCe: Oh, that’s me, but lets not talk about that… I´d say Tango when he fell asleep at Leeds Castle; Joe carried him back to room through bushes and walls and trees and finally beat him up and trashed the room. The “Joe in action” video is all about that….

Penny: Best bit of driving on the rally?

HeCe: Best bit was from Geneva to Milan… Saint Bernard crossing had some unbelievable mountain roads and once we got off from mountains we REALLY floored it through Italy…

Penny: Funniest moment of the week?

HeCe: At least twice I laughed and cried… Leeds when Joe beat up Tango, when I woke Tango up with ice water in hotel lobby… AND the thing with Nods and Joe, when Joe drove the car in Spain, they got pulled over and police started to scream “You are not allowed to talk to phone while driving”; “Nods replied, But, dear officer, in this car the steering wheel is there, on the other side”. MAN the police really got it!

Penny: What are Tangospeed’s plans for the forthcoming year?

HeCe: There are alot of plans, but we really can’t plan so much in advance we’re all too busy for that, but there will be a snowcamp in Finn early next year and probably we’ll join two events next year

Penny: Now that you’ve had a little time to recover, will you be back for more at Carbon Black 2007?

HeCe: YES! Definitely we’ll be back in Carbon Black

Penny: What does Tango keep under his kilt and have you ever managed to ‘ice’ it?

HeCe: Tangospeed boxers of course! And, yes, we poured some beer in there at Sten’s birthday party, after we took those boxers off first Sten though doesn’t have anything under there and there is picture to proof it at our gallery, on the Gumball – party at Playboy Mansion…

Big thanks to HeCe! Check out the latest from the boys at the Tangospeed website!

Penny x

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