Melkus RS2000

The name Melkus probably doesn’t say you much, not suprisingly since the East-German car manafacturer only produced a handful of their RS1000 sportscar. 30 years after they stopped producing the RS1000 the company plans to release their new sportscar: The Melkus RS2000. Under the hood would be an engine from Opel producing about 200 to 250 bhp. That’s not much, but the car is only 4.1 meter long and should weigh less than 900 kg.

The Melkus RS1000 made between 1968 and 1980:
Melkus RS1000

The Melkus will be equipped with wing-doors like on the Mercedes 300 SL.
Mercedes 300SL

Melkus RS2000


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