Penny P

The winner of this year’s Carbon Black Award is Team 10!

The Hickster et crew bagged the award for being the first to complete the rally via the medium of sky. After they majestically blew up the engine of their Jaguar XK convertible just 5 minutes after the start in Kent, they flew to Barcelona to meet up with the others. In true determined style, they refused to let a minor hiccup like an engine failure thwart their ability to live life like a Carbonite!

2nd Place

Adam (Team 23) and his magical ‘Polish Bentley’ romped in with second place for being the craziest mofo on the rally. Carbon’s answer to an Olympian swimmer proved to be a winner with a combination of aqueous, tarmac-trashing and hard-partying antics.

3rd Place

Third place was valiantly snared by Antoine and his Speed-Sidekick, who both stepped in to help out the Carbon Black by sorting a checkpoint! Hats off to the guys who made sure the Carbon Black ran as smooth as silk when push came to shove….

And next…..

Further news from the after-party is pending. In the meantime, I can tell you that there may be a small, intimate party for the remaining drivers in Milan tonight. Tomorrow, Tangospeed are off to the Nurburgring and are taking a certain Dutchman with them…. go on, Tango, give him some stick…..

Penny x

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