Carbon Black 2008

Without a doubt the best supercar rally from the past two years, Carbon Black, won’t take place as scheduled in May of this year. But instead it’s moved to the fall; from 28th of September until the 3rd of October 2008 the Carbon Black will once again head out to Eastern Europe for an adrenaline rushed week. The organisers also decided to cut down the number of entrants from 60 back to 30 teams. This to guarentee they can deliver the highest standard of service to all the participating teams and have a amazing experience with like-minded petrolheads.

Read the full statement below:

Carbon Black 2008 postponed:

After much thought we have decided to postpone our May 2008 Supercar rally to 28th September – 3rd October 2008.

We have rescheduled the rally and reduced the grid to 30 cars and gone back to what we set out to be; an awesome and exclusive, up market event, for a close knit group of like minded people.

The only way you will be able to join us is if you are currently known to us, have taken part in our previous rally or you are highly recommended.

Paul Naden

Carbon Black

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