McLaren SLR Donut

This might not be the most recent shot of a McLaren SLR doing a donut, but it brings back good memories for us and hopefully for some of you as well. I shot this photo during the first edition of the Carbon Black supercar rally in October 2006. It was on the final day from Geneva to Milan that we pulled in for petrol after descending from the Grand Saint-Bernard pass into Italy with a small group of supercars that had the petrol station attendant flabbergasted.

The final day of Carbon Black remains one of my most memorable drives, from the beautiful twisty mountain roads leading up to the Grand Saint-Bernard mountain to the deserted towns in Piemonte and the chaotic rush hour in Milan, it all added to the excitement and memories of that day.

Our vault contains a lot more unseen pictures, videos and untold stories from various events GTspirit has been to over the past few years, drop us a comment below so we can see if there’s interest in a series of articles that take you back to the glory days of road rallying.

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  1. Funny thing though, since Piginel posted the vid of the d3 smashed in Budapest on his Facebook page, I’m also thinking of the good old rally days… ;-)

  2. WE WANT MORE! :))

    I’ve been wanting to do a road rally for some time now…don’t yet have the funding for the Gumball and my schedule of being at university in the US and summers in Europe doesn’t synchronize with any of the rallies I wanted to join.

    P.S. If u know any decently priced rallies in the US happening the next months let me know ;)

  3. Of course we want more… cool videos have become very scarce since gumball’s fatal accident. I doubt that you have anything like torquenstein’s crash or schmitz/lonman duelling in russia, but it’s ok even if it’s only a bunch of “mine is bigger than yours” dudes cruising their supercars at 55.

  4. Of course we want more.. Open the vault!!!

    Decent rally videos have been scarce for a while and watching legends duel it out in europe would make my day

    by the way.. what happened to photo of the day? those made epic wallpapers


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