Gumball Forum member KK supplied us with this video of him chasing Team 23 in their Lamborghini Murcielago on their way to the checkpoint in Belgrade. Eventually they moved over to let KK pass but we don’t believe it was at 255km/h…

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  1. ok maybe it wasnt 255,if my speedometar lie,but with pedal to the floor it was certainly 240!
    greetings from serbia ppl :)))

  2. Come on.. max 150kmh, u can see it by the road and passing cars..
    Still, great feeling to pass a car like this even if the driver was lame and didnt know whats going on in this street like u did..
    gr8 footage anyway, 10x

  3. So you think that if some guy drive slow that he is lame and if he have some kind of super car that he must drive fast?
    And yes 255km/h, why not light speed?

  4. Yeah right 240 km/h. I live in Belgrade and i know the streets that they passed throughout and if that was 240 than i passed that streets many times over 300km/h. It was 130 km/h max. By the way they went off course big time


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