Penny P

‘Ello, fellow lovely Gumballies….

I’m Penny P, and I’m one of your BJ’s for the rest of G3000 (that’s Blog-Jockey, for those of you with exquisitely filthy minds….tut and tsk!).

Stumbled across the Gumball Rally in a lucid, but drunken moment some 12 months ago – either by Jackass or chance…… and am an incurable addict and a vehement supporter of the legendary Team Polizei. Alex is nuts; you can’t help but respect that. You’ll all have your own reasons for being a part of this mayhem; but when it boils down to it, we’re all addicts…..

2006 is proving to be another spectacular year for us – some of the nutcases that make the Rally are back in full force this year: Skate-Guru Tony Hawk; Jackass Legend Ryan Dunn (who’s upgraded from his last set of wheels, but will still want to kick the nuts out of it on the way round) complete with trusty sidekick Bam Margera (I’m sure that Phil Margera is enjoying the peace); the indestructible Torquenstein; the ultimate Brit duo of Ant and Pete; and The Meister of Ceremonies, Mr. Alex Roy with Michael Ross in an unexpected, but eye-pleasing, Bentley Interceptor……

Then, we have some notable newbies: A chap called Edmondson (though for a fleeting moment thought that it was Ade – visions of Vivien the Punk from British TV classic ‘The Young Ones’ tearing across the globe gave me palpitations – quickly corrected myself when I realised it was another lucky Gumballer); Mr and Mrs Smith – conspicuous by their ambiguity… I reckon Ange ‘n’ Brad are giving the tarmac a pasting in their anonymity; and many other super-sexy guys and gals ripping about in serious wheels for a week of petrol and party mania.

So far, we’ve seen a sneakily-inserted fish in Team Polizei’s engine (Ed Leigh, you ought to be ashamed of yourself…. you may only play fish-postman to car engines when you drive ;p) , a bonfire made out of a Rolls Royce; a charity auction for aeroplane seats and aeronautic food-fights……coupled with gas guzzling, beer guzzling and limited sleep: the challenge is most definitely well underway….

Just when we thought that the police were gunning to thwart the Gumballers, we learn from Team 79 that the Serbian and Hungarian cops were just as addicted as us…. Forget the tickets, just put the pedal to the metal to keep these uniformed boys happy. This is the Gumball Model of Policing. Take note, police officers of other countries…. It’s heading your way…. Just tell them the speed limit, multiply it by 10 and, et voila, no tickets and more papery drinking tokens for the Gumball-Treasures to play with!

It’s been fabulous to see the images that so many of the fans has captured and shared with our forum – and to see how many people really are caught in the rapture of the event! We’ve got people scouting the streets for glimpses and snippets of the action, capturing it in all its glory then bringing it back for everyone else to get an eyeful of!

I’ve, thus far, been a fortunate girly as the forumsters haven’t yet given me too much welly…. But I won’t hold my breath.

And so, as the sun sets over Asia, out trusty speedsters are partying through the haze…. all set for another delicious day of demonic driving….

Another day beckons for unadulterated mischief……

Penny P x

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