Penny P about Day 5 of Gumball 2006

Another day, another bunch of ballistic Gumballing to enthral the masses…

Gumball formed an apparently Secret Society on Wednesday with sturdy walls and the fortuitous and naughty aspect of a private island for the babies to romp on. But, just as they were about to get settled, the throng of Thursday’s demands came bating at their doors….

Someone (Flash, I believe) has squashed a Lambo (very naughty, we love them in fully formed format; we note the insurers wringing their hands, or gouging chunks out of their heads, depending on the policy). Moral of the story: trees and cars are not compatible…..

Having trouble locating the boys from Dirty Sanchez…. I am concerned that they have started a war of boy-poo in Asia…..Prtitchard, poo and petrol – possibly the most devastating combination on Earth…..

So, the stakes have just been upped for G3000 2006: a stunning gamble on a combination of five into Las Vegas – Absolute Poker are playing cards with wheels….. $1 mil to the clever peeps who pull it off and $1 mil to charity…. Can the Rally-Totties pull this off?

My lovelies, Team-Polizei, have followed their word and played sensibly on surfaces not usually ridden in US/ European territory (mind you, I challenge them to the off-road terrain of Birmingham, UK, for a roll-of-the-dice approach to driving ;p – Thailand is positively smooooth compared to the 3D tarmacing/ asphalting approach here). Mind you, Alex and Mikey broke the car. Not on purpose.

What do you do in a situation like that? Co-ordinate troops to fix Le Interceptor and work the Gumball legend like a couple of saints…. Graciously, Al et Mickster congratulated COT70N on the rapture of capture of today’s checkpoint crown….although, I suspect that gentle graciousness will step aside for a more cunning strategy (with formal graciousness) for the next legs of the rally….

Once again, we will sleep tonight safe in the knowledge that there’s one hell of a party at play.

The forum’s a dream – get your beautiful backsides there if you haven’t already! Pics, banter and general Gumballing, it’s one of the friendliest places on the web! By the way – any of you who are clever and cute enough to have encountered the Gumball Phenomenon by camera, video or just by one-to-one action (oo-er… steady now!) scoot your booties over to the forum and share the spoils with some other Gumball-greedy fans!

In a short moment, you’ll be spared and I’ll shut up for a wee while. You should know that I lurrrve driving, but am totally ‘hats off’ to the top-treacles who are actually making this incredible event.

From the woman who couldn’t park an ant in Switzerland, let alone complete 3000 miles without being a complete damsel in distress, I’m glad to share it with others who have the spirit…

Today Thailand… tomorrow, the World!



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