Despite sabotage of the Bentley Interceptor by Gumball Rival Ed Leigh, Team Polizei surged forward to claim unofficial victory at the halfway mark of the 2006 Gumball 3000 Rally.

Team Polizei was first into the following Checkpoints: Chateau Beloeil, Vienna and Budapest, often so far ahead that staff at Polizei HQ thought our ALK Co-Pilot Transponder was defective.

The sabotage by Ed Leigh at the Budapest overnight checkpoint cost the Polizei several hours of repair time, however, Roy & Ross succeeded in repairing the car, securing an escort car from the Russian Embassy, driving on various city sidewalks and tram lines, running out of gas 1.5km from the Serb border station, getting gas delivered by a helpful local, using police lights and sirens against Serbian police (who moved aside), nearly being struck by two (!) Serb microlight aircraft piloted by fans, hitting the Belgrade City Hall checkpoint mid-pack and reaching the Belgrade Airport checkpoint in 6th Place.

Team Polizei, fresh from mercliess domination of its foes on the European stage, is now resting in Phuket, Thailand. Preparations have been made for the 700 mile stage beginning tomorrow morning, when only mechanical failure and Thailand’s monsoon season may fell our efforts.

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